​Sideromics is committed to developing solutions for a better world and a promising tomorrow.  We seek to have a healthful impact and save lives around the globe, unrestrained by local economics.

Sideromics Completes Pre-IND Meeting with FDA on Siderocillin for Two Indications: MRSA Bacteremia and ABSSSI

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Welcome to Sideromics
Sideromics is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing novel compounds and methods to treat and prevent diseases and disorders caused by pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and parasites. 
Through innovative chemistry and proprietary formulations, Sideromics has developed a pipeline of products around our SIDEROCILLIN™  platform.  Our intelectual property continues to grow along with a variety of indications in humans and animals.

The SIDEROCILLIN™ line of products range from early proof of concept, through advanced stages of development.  Our current and pending patents and IP cover a broad range of applications in the United States and on a global basis.
SIDEROCILLIN™ compounds have been formulated for intravenous, oral, and topical administration.

Sideromics is testing various compounds in human & animal therapeutic indications. Certain compounds are also being tested in farm animal health and processing.  Gallium is a semi-metallic group IIIa element that has been used in several FDA approved drug & diagnostic products for many years.